18 February 2008

We Happy Few...

My pleas for stout chaps to lend a hand at Gauntlet have not fallen of deaf ears.

Rob Connolly was a tower of strength last year and is promising once again to keep the warriors supplied with suitably ethnic cakes. Now we just need to find some Andreivian cake recipes. Oh, and Rob says he’ll be familiar with the rules too.

Richard Baber, the editor of SOTCW’s magazine The Journal has gone beyond the call of duty and is bringing a force of Spanish UN peacekeepers and some Andreivian rebel types. Piccies to follow.

And now Pete Jones, a stalwart of past SOTCW gatherings and North Wales local, has also volunteered.

I reckon with four of us we can keep the game bowling along at a good pace and still have a fun, relaxed time. That doesn’t mean there isn’t still plenty of space for more heroes!

1 comment:

Conrad said...

Ah a flattering reference (Conrad a.k.a. Rob Connolly) - I like this blog!

IIRC, Tardis's very well-behaved youngster was eager to get involved last year, so you'll have at least one other participant if Tardis is there selling paint again.