03 August 2008

Cast and Crew list

Battle in the Tuzkhur Valley

An SOTCW Production

Cast List

Andreivian Armenian Commander
Pete Jones

Andreivian Government Commander
Richard Crawley

Andreivian Turk Blocking Force Commander  
Will McNally
Andreivian Turk Regional Commander  
Rob Connolly

NATO Commander
Richard Baber

Andreivian gunboat Captain
Michael Jones

Jaguar Pilot, US PsyOps Sergeant & SAS Leader  
Nathan Ahern

Task Force Intrepid CO
James Townsend

Gendarmerie Sergeant  
Chris Pickles

A10 pilot and T-72 platoon commander  
Steve White

Andreivian Military Academy Officer  
Mick Ahern

Scenario Design
Richard Crawley

Vice-President in Charge of Cakes  
Rob Connolly 

Richard Crawley
Will McNally
Graham Spearing

Forces provided by
Mick Ahern
Pete Smith
Richard Baber
Richard Crawley 

Costume Design
Richard Baber

Rules Used - Tac Skirmish: Arc of Fire by Scott Fisher and Chris Pringle

Rules Consultant
Mike Reese

Game played entirely on location at Gauntlet 2008, Broughton, North Wales. The producers wish to thank the members of the Deeside Defenders Games Club for their assistance.

Copyright in The Battle in the Tuzkhur Valley is protected by the laws of the Republic of Andreivia. No reproduction without express permission of the Minister of Culture, Ministry of Culture, Culture Ministry Building, Ministry of Culture Boulevard, Tcherbevan, Andreivia. The characters and events in this game are fictitious. Any resemblance between them and real events or people is entirely deliberate.