25 February 2008

Miscellaneous Pictures

This Dushka 12.7mm AAMG is attached to the Andreivian Turk Regional HQ attacking Tuzkhur.  It's a Viet Cong team by SHQ (I think) but it'll pass as Andreivian in the heat of battle.

One of the rebel factions, meanwhile, has this Red Star BMP-2.

Finally, one of the "Wandering Monsters" in the game is this US Army PsyOps team.  All of my modern America figures are a mix of Revell and Esci plastics.  The Hummer is a Dragon ready-made.

1 comment:

Conrad said...

Richard, are the rebels going to have anything that will KO an Abrams, esp. one mounting a mine-plough? Or would that be revealing a little too much of the scenario?