31 March 2014

Completed TV Building

For those who haven't seen them elsewhere, here are some pics of the completed Andreivian TV building in downtown Tcherbevan:

That's a 1/72nd scale BTR-80 outside the front door.

...and that's a Russian SA-7 team on the roof of the observation platform.

29 March 2014

Just a Couple of Weeks to Go

I think I'm getting on top of preparation for Crisis Point III - Battle for Tcherbevan.

The TV building is finished and yesterday I acquired the makings of some air support for the Andreivian Armenians (having decided I wouldn't get the Mi-24 Hind finished in time).  Pictures to follow.

I now have:

  • 12'x6' of terrain cloths - more expected from other players.
  • The river sections with big road bridge
  • Most of the buildings for the city centre and outlying villages
  • All the buildings for the airport
  • Two Russian forces, one each for Jamie and Russ
  • Some Andreivian Armenians for Rob 
  • Some Government troops for George
  • A Mujahideen force for Gordon
  • Some spare NATO troops
  • One aircraft for each faction
  • Briefings for each faction (many of them with cunning, last-minute addenda)
  • Some special civilian figures to add complexity

I still need to:

  • Finish the coastal/river freighter
  • Build some more Middle Eastern houses for the Turkish Quarter
  • Make sure everyone gets a QR sheet
  • Organise my NATO troops into one or two players'-worth of units
  • Repaint my new aircraft in Armenian colours 

05 March 2014

Andreivian TV Building

I've not published much in the way of new blog posts recently as I've been busy beavering away on this new building for Tcherbevan - the HQ of Andreivian Television:

At the moment it's just the foamcore shell and some detailing.  More pics later when I make more progress.

02 March 2014

Miscellaneous Update

Now that I have a decent internet connection thanks to EE, it's a lot easier to post pictures so here's a catch up on some of the latest Andreivian developments at Stately Counterpane Manor.

This Andreivian Armenian T-55 is an Altaya ready-built model.  All I've
done is to repaint the Czechoslovak roundel in the Andreivian-Armenian
colours of red, cobalt blue, and golden yellow. 

This is a Revell 1/142nd North Sea trawler being converted into a
1/72nd scale coaster for use in Andreivian waters.

My latest terrain test reveals that I need buildings for the Turkish Quarter.
Since this was taken I've beefed up the Armenian Quarter (background)
by adding some generic Mediterranean buildings. 

This Model Kit goods depot will be used on the edge of the Armenian Quarter.
The SdKfz 251/1 won't.