04 November 2011

6mm Air Support

In an effort to build up some momentum for a 6mm scale Andreivia game I've started painting some toys.    This is a Su-15 interceptor in Andreivian markings.

And this is a MiG-21.  both on the workbench I'm afraid.  Prettier photos to come later when I've got a few more models produced.

13 October 2011

Big River

The Latvians are a very literal race sometimes.  The big river west of Riga is called Lielupe which means The Big River.  I suspect the Andreivians probably have a similar approach.  The Krupnehr, then is both the Andreivian for "big river" and the name of the large waterway that forms at least part of the international frontier between Georgia and northern Andreivia.

We know from the last game (Spetsnaz at Tcherbevan) that the second phase of the Andreivian Civil War began with the Russians invading the north of the country.   We also know that Andreivian government forces valiantly resisted that move.

So, the Russians (having presumably blackmailed the Georgians into given them transit rights) need to cross the Krupnehr in order to reinforce their recent airborne assault on the capital.  Of course we've done a couple of river crossing scenarios over the last couple of years so what can we do to make this one a bit different?

Helicopter assaults on each end of the bridge?  Naval Spetsnaz landing from submarines off the coast?  Andreivian Government riverine forces attempting to intervene?

Any ideas for the game gratefully received.  Remember we want a participation game so we want some short roles for players to slot in and try the game for a few turns.

We also need potential contributions of stuff.  I have an old scratchbuilt A4 Skyhawk which I'll repaint in Andreivian colours (to match my 20mm version) and my research suggests the Andreivians also had Su-15 Flagons.  Does anyone fancy building some 1/300th scale boats?  Patrol craft?  Coasters?  Maybe a partially submerged submarine?

19 July 2011

Andreivia in 6mm scale?

So far all of the Andreivian games have been played in 20mm scale.  This is of course the right and proper scale for skirmish games.  Apparently other scales can also be used but only by freaks and perverts who are lower than a maggot in the eyes of real wargamers.

However, 6mm scale is acceptable for bigger, grand tactical games.  And it's been suggested that next year's SOTCW participation game might be Cold War Commander in Andreivia.  The constraint is that we want to use The Baggage Train's giant Arnhem Bridge model.   For details of SOTCW games past see the SOTCW Events blog: