21 March 2017

Trenches part 6

A couple more lengths of trench added to my contribution.  I've added an obtuse angle and another junction to blow for a second communication trench to the rear.

Tonight I shall mostly be adding flock and static grass.

09 March 2017

Andreivian Air Force

The Esci Fokker D.VII cost just two quid from a local model shop.  An absolutely perfect find for 1918 Andreivia!

08 March 2017

Trenches Part 5

All textured ready for painting once they are dry. These plus Richard C's trenches will form the centrepiece of one the tables at this years Crisis Point.

Trenches Part 4

As you have probably already read Richard C (The Oracle of Andreivia) and myself have spent the weekend working on some trenches for one of the tables for Crisis Point. Richard C's are pretty much complete and mine are still in the WIP stage but a bit more work today and they will be ready for painting.

07 March 2017

Trenches part 3

OK, the trenches are at a point where they'll do.  They were never going to be anything other than gaming pieces; high quality trench modelling would require cutting to a base board.

I'd like to add at least another T-junction piece and probably another mortar position.  I'd also like to get some Milliput and add some sandbags to the roof of the dugout.

I might also add a bit of static grass around the edges to give it that long-established look.

06 March 2017

Trenches part 2

A bit more progress on the trenches.  I've applied all the gloop required and done some painting.  I've also added "wriggly tin" and some small shell craters to the roof of the dug-out.

My initial thought was to add some Milliput sandbags to the parapets but then I realised that they should probably only be on the front edge, which would reduce the flexibility with which I could use the pieces.  I shall ponder further.

05 March 2017


Richard P and I have both spent part of the weekend making trenches for the Caucasus Front.  Here's a first look at my progress so far...

The bases are mostly artist's mounting board but there's some off-cuts of MDF too.  The revetments are made of two layers of chamfered foam-core.  I've started coating them with coloured tile grout for texture.

There's about six feet there and I'm hoping Richard can produce as much again.