30 January 2014

Standing in the Foyer of the Grand Hotel

Suitcase in his hand looking for a bill.

The Tcherbevan Grand Hotel is finished. This will form another side of the square with the Ministry of Culture on another edge.


26 January 2014

Some progress

Just thought I'd post a couple of recent pics that have appeared on my main blog but haven't made it onto Andreivian Tales yet.

First up, the English Church with its base.

Church from Hovels, gate from 4 Ground, walls unidentified resin casts I've had for years, base an old placemat, gravestones (not visible in this shot) Renedra.

Then there's this barn.  It'll probably appear in one of the villages in the hills.

More to follow when the rest of the family aren't bugging me for access to the Internet.

22 January 2014

1991 Monument

Finished '1991' monument for Tcherbevan's Central Square.

Base includes old Coke and a ripped up Andreivian flag!

Yellow and Blue flag remnants litter the base!

Ministry of Culture (Part 3)

The Ministry of Culture is almost finished, just got a couple of bits from S&S to make it look modern (air conditioning unit and satellite dish).

The completed Ministry of Culture, just got an aircon unit and satellite dish to add when they arrive from S&S.

The Ministry of Culture sign and Andreivian coat of arms.

Close up of the completed paving slabs with weeds.

The balcony where the President makes state appearances.

19 January 2014

Ministry of Culture (Part 2)

The Ministry of Culture nears completion. The roof and windows have all been finished and the building has been based.

The base is 2mm MDF with individual paving slabs glued on to create the pavement. Time consuming but I am happy with the results and its a cheap method as I use the cardboard from Costa Coffee carriers.

The building has a final coat of Matt Rice Cake from B&Q Colours range.

Lidl Fine Modellers Paste is added around the base of the building this will be painted and weeds and rubbish will be added. Then I just need to add the Ministry of Culture sign to the front and this is ready.

This was inspired by a monument entered into one of the Guilds' build competitions. I thought it would look good as monument in the central square in Tcherbevan.

Again the base is 2mm MDF with Costa paving and Lidl Paste around the base. Just got to finish the base off and this is done.


12 January 2014

Ministry of Culture (Part 1)

Reports have come in that renovation work to the front facade of the Ministry of Culture are progressing on time and on budget. Andreivian craftsman have been working round the clock restoring the 19th century carved window frames and shutters and are nearing completion. There still remains around 60 wooden shutters to repair and replace but a spokesman from the Ministry of Culture confirmed that the work should be completed in the next few days.

Work continues to the 19th century facade

The new roof still needs to be fitted

A view showing the restored windows and missing roof.

The roof nears completion. The front porch erected in the 1960's has been removed and Andreivian craftsmen have restored the original 19th century doors to their former glory

A closer view of the exquisite workmanship of our Andreivian craftsmen


A couple of logos, with the help of 'Paint', that I have sorted out for the Andreivian Military Police and also the Andreivian Police Force.