07 July 2008

First Reactions!

Well I think that went rather splendidly.  I think the first measure of success has to be that after last year's game we had two SOTCW members keen to "do something next year at Gauntlet". Now we have four or five!
The first shot below shows the table from the south-western end - in the distance are the shores of Lake Khikide and the town of Tuzkhur.  The village in the foreground would prove a tough nut for the Americans to crack.

Here are the initial bunch of reprobates - from left to right: Will McNally (Andreivian Turk blocking force commander), Pete Jones (Andreivian Armenian commander), Rob Connolly (Andreivian Turk regional commander) and Richard Baber (NATO commander).
A NATO Jaguar on a recon flight over the valley.

03 July 2008


I've found another couple of pictures on my memory stick so I thought I might as well let you see my team of Andreivian Turkish engineers. They are plastics from the Orion Chechen Rebels box. The two on the left were originally stretcher bearers but modified with a little Green Stuff. I've added some tools from the Airfix Command Post and a landmine from the Revell German Engineers set.

Some last minute pics

Just got time to get some pictures of the latest toys uploaded. Here, for starters, is the Jaguar GR.1 I've produced to provide some air support for the NATO forces.

It's the Revell kit made up pretty much out of the box. The nose art is in the form of a scantily clad young lady who rejoices in the name of Debbie. By chance that happens to be the name of Richard Baber's wife and Richard is our NATO Commander! Good hey?

And now a couple of pics of The Important Building. This is a government building in downtown Tuzkhur. At the start of the battle it's in Government hands.

The model is from foamcore on an old cork and melamine place mat. It's basic but functional.

02 July 2008


I finished the Important Building last night and that's the last thing that needed doing. In fact I've been so relaxed for this game that I spent Sunday evening painting some old Airfix Napoleonic British infantry - the first Napoleonics I've done for over 20 years!

Tonight I'll have a look through the boxes and see if anything needs last minute repairs but basically I'm there! Somehow it isn't going to seem right not being up until midnight the day before the big game painting those last few models.

Must get some photos done though.