30 April 2008

Downtown Tuzkhur Real Estate

At Triples back in March I bought a couple of Shellhole Scenics Buildings. This is the first of them painted up.

I've been inspired by Rob Rowell's excellent work on the Esci Italian Country House kit as showcased on The Guild. Rob uses a combination of pale base colours, washes and dry-brushing. I can't compete with his quality but I'm reasonably happy with this.

10 April 2008

Borrowed Buildings

My good mate Will McNally from Wills Wargaming Blog who is also a member of our club has offered us the use of some buildings he has constructed.

You can see the finished buildings at this page.

09 April 2008

Gauntlet Webpage

Our club webmaster for Deeside Defenders has now updated the details of the Gauntlet show where this game will be put on.

Gauntlet 2008

US Forces

I've now got my part of the US Forces painted up. Again these are plastic figures. These are a few troops with the M1 from Mongoose (pre painted).

Here's more troops with cheap Hummers from local Asda toy store. They had to be re-painted though as they were green when bought.

I'm still ploughing through the trees, I have some SAS on the painting table which are in counter terrorist suits. Maybe we could have these dropped into towns along the way to clear housing.

Also today the Russian Federals and Chechen fighters arrived from Harfields. These will be painted up as the Andrevian Turks methinks.

I'm also looking at borrowing some buildings for the day, more pictures soon.

02 April 2008

The Militia

These are the militia, figures are Caesar urban Resistance Fighters. In the background is a technical which they have cobbled together to give themselves some firepower. (Mongoose Battle Evolution model).

Behind the Technical you can make out one of the cake decoration palm trees.

I'm now working on the US Soldiers and SAS Unit.

01 April 2008

On The Workbench

This is my contribution to the project:

US Infantry - plastics
M1A2 Abrams MBT - Prepainted tank by Mongoose
7 x Humvee's - Asda Specials (need a repaint though)

To assist the NATO forces I was thinking of a brick of SAS that could be landed from the lake to help the local Andrevian Armenians.

I also thought that the Armenians might put some of the local populace into service as Militia to fend off the Andrevian Turks whilst waiting NATO. (These are all painted just waiting basing).

I have lots of palm trees which are cake decorations, I'm just devising a way of basing them that makes them more solid for the table.

Pictures to follow soon.