18 February 2008

More NATO Forces

I've started photographing the US and other NATO forces that'll form the main body of the Tuzkhur Valley task force.

First is a Dragon (ready made) M1 Abrams with mine-plough (plow to the Americans). As usual click on the photo to see a larger image.

The second echelon of the US force includes these M113 APCs. Again these are ready-mades, this time from Easy Model.

And here's a Bradley IFV and the dismount element of its squad. The early 1990s squad organisation for Bradley squads was for a six man unit. It made no allowance for breaking down into individual fire and movement elements (or fire teams). This is convenient for our game as it speeds up play.

And finally, some British chaps. Who knows what they will be doing? I ain't saying.

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