26 November 2017

The Dvimin Line - part 1

In late April 1918, as the Turks and their German allies drove north towards Tcherbevan, the Andreivian government threw much of its resources into strengthening the line of defences around the old garrison town of Dvimin.

The picture below shows one of the forts that the government hoped would blunt the enemy attacks.

23 November 2017

Crisis Point VII - It's a Date!

Crisis Point VII will take place on Saturday 7th and Sunday 8th April 2018.

As usual the venue will be Dungworth Green Hall, Dungworth, near Sheffield.

Once more we will be exploring the events of 1918 in poor, war-torn Andreivia.  Look out for at least five invading armies for the Andreivian forces to contend with!

Cost for the weekend is £15.  Any surplus goes to charity.  Places are still available.