05 May 2013

Random Stuff

The random events table really adds to the fun of any Arc of Fire game.  Although it’s listed as optional, I never play without it.

There are a number of the random events that work best if you’ve prepared some appropriate models in advance.  Here are some things you might consider building.  Note that the descriptions in the rules are more detailed.  I'm paraphrasing here.

Air Recon Arrives - an opportunity to build a recon aircraft for your faction.  

Civilians on the Battlefield - a group of eight civilians tries to cross the battlefield.

Combat Engineering Skills - can place a 1”x3” minefield (or three of them if you’re an engineer unit). Might be worth knocking up some hasty minefield markers.

Dead Farm Animals - place some dead livestock as cover.

Sniper! - you can have a sniper if you’ve bothered to model one.

Molotov Cocktails - 1d6 of them, to be distributed one per figure - any thoughts on how to show this?

Providential Scrounging - team finds an LMG.  This is a good opportunity to produce an extra LMG-equipped figure for your unit (of course this doesn’t need to be an LMG usually used by your side - fancy a Russian with a Minimi?).

Motorcycle scout - in the rules you get a motorcycle and sidecar combo but I think for the 1990s we could stretch to two guys in a 4x4, but only if you’ve provided a suitable model.

Crazed Dog - speaks (barks?) for itself.

Dig In! - the unit can dig foxholes. I don’t suppose we could provide dug in versions of every unit? Thought not.

Heroic Medic - this one can be really useful.  It’s a good idea to have a medic figure handy for your unit.