13 October 2015

Old Andreivia

I have always wanted to create an Old Quarter for Tcherbevan that would be situated just off the square. It would have narrow streets, small shops, bars and cafes. Booksellers and all types of merchants selling their goods. So I decided to make a start with some small shops.

WIP - Row of 4 Shops.

I think I have got the shop signs right. I will consult the Oracle of Andreivia himself just to check. The shop on the left is supposed to read Coffee Shop and the one on the right is 'Black Sea Books'. Fourth shop yet to be decided.

Thanks for looking.


Andy Canham said...

Good work so far. Looks pretty authentic to me. I think I went to that Pizzeria when I was on holiday last.

Cheers, Andy

commissarmoody said...

Looking good.

Counterpane said...

The great advantage of Andreivia is that you can use Latin, Armenian or Georgian script.

Andy, if you ate in that Pizzeria you'll remember the goat sausage and dill calzone - excellent with Andreivian beer!

Tales from Shed HQ said...

A specialty of the house, looks like pepperoni but certainly doesn't taste like it!

Russell Phillips said...

Is Black Sea Books owned by a grumpy Irishman? ;)

Tales from Shed HQ said...

A grumpy Andreivian Irishman ;)