19 December 2015

On The Workbench - The Rail Yard

On December 27th I'll be running a game set in downtown Vani.  Vani is the capital of the self-declared Andreivian Armenian Republic.  Some of the action will take place around the goods station which has been taken over as the HQ of the United Nations Monitoring Mission.

Today I made considerable progress on laying down some tracks...

Track-laying in progress.
The base is an off-cut of MDF.  It fits alongside my existing city board.  I textured it by painting it with exterior masonry paint and then over over-painted in deliberately patchy grey acrylic.  The tracks were then stuck down with a No-More-Nails type adhesive.

The shot above was taken just before I started adding stone chippings as ballast.  This was tipped roughly into place with a spatula and then coaxed into the right position with a paintbrush.  Finally I dripped on a mixture of PVA and water with a little washing up liquid added to help it flow.  Capillary action carries the adhesive through the stones and binds them together.

The shot below shows a possible layout with my warehouse as the Goods Station.

The ballast seems to have adhered quite well.  Close up (below) it's a bit messy but a little washing and dry brushing will help considerably.  The wooded level crossings need painting to tone down the coffee stirrers from which they are made.


Tales from Shed HQ said...

Brilliant can't wait until the 27th, first game since Broughton. Do you want me bring some of the goods wagons with me?
Richard P

Counterpane said...


No need to worry about wagons. I have enough left over from my old model railway days as a kid.

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Great can't wait.