19 January 2014

Ministry of Culture (Part 2)

The Ministry of Culture nears completion. The roof and windows have all been finished and the building has been based.

The base is 2mm MDF with individual paving slabs glued on to create the pavement. Time consuming but I am happy with the results and its a cheap method as I use the cardboard from Costa Coffee carriers.

The building has a final coat of Matt Rice Cake from B&Q Colours range.

Lidl Fine Modellers Paste is added around the base of the building this will be painted and weeds and rubbish will be added. Then I just need to add the Ministry of Culture sign to the front and this is ready.

This was inspired by a monument entered into one of the Guilds' build competitions. I thought it would look good as monument in the central square in Tcherbevan.

Again the base is 2mm MDF with Costa paving and Lidl Paste around the base. Just got to finish the base off and this is done.


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