12 January 2014

Ministry of Culture (Part 1)

Reports have come in that renovation work to the front facade of the Ministry of Culture are progressing on time and on budget. Andreivian craftsman have been working round the clock restoring the 19th century carved window frames and shutters and are nearing completion. There still remains around 60 wooden shutters to repair and replace but a spokesman from the Ministry of Culture confirmed that the work should be completed in the next few days.

Work continues to the 19th century facade

The new roof still needs to be fitted

A view showing the restored windows and missing roof.

The roof nears completion. The front porch erected in the 1960's has been removed and Andreivian craftsmen have restored the original 19th century doors to their former glory

A closer view of the exquisite workmanship of our Andreivian craftsmen

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