02 March 2009

The Andreivian-Armenian Report

Phil Gray has submitted the following report. It would be improper for me to pass any comment as to its accuracy.

A peaceful mission to demonstrate against the occupation of Hill 154 by NATO forces was brutally suppressed by NATO and its stooges in the Andreivian goverment and so-called Andreivian Turkish community.

The Andreivian-Armenian Rainbow Alliance sent a delegation to the area to point out to NATO that their presence on Hill 154 was a gross insult to the national memory of the Armenian Andreivian people; it being the location of St Denis' famous visitation by the holy spirit in 1322, and of his subsequent martyrdom at the hands of the barbarian Turkish overlords.

To our shock and dismay our attempt to place flowers of remembrance on the outpost fence was met with lethal force by NATO forces inside the post, and our minibus (laughingly described as a tank by pro-NATO propagandists) was not only fired upon but set alight by collaborators in the Andreivian armed forces.

Our attempts to remonstrate with these swine met with some success - we had persuaded the crew to converse with us - when NATO intervened again, escalating matters still further with an air strike against our peaceful party workers.

Fortunately our documentary camera crew were filming the scene from a distance, so were able to record the atrocity, and we shall be making this available over the world wide interweb as soon as our ISP is freed from its (NATO-inspired and Andreivian-Turkish facilitated) DOS attack....

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Conrad said...

I thought my tank was the "bus" - for all the good it did, it might as well have been!