07 March 2009

Flags of the Andreivian Factions

Andreivian government:

Blue St. Andrew’s cross on a yellow field. This flag combines the symbol of St. Andrew, the patron saint of Andreivia, with the national colours representing the clear blue sky and the fields of golden crops.

Andreivian Armenian:

Blue, red and yellow horizontal tricolour. This symbolises the Armenian blood shed for the land of Andreivia under the clear Andreivian sky.

Andreivian Turk:

At the hoist, one red vertical stripe, half the length of the flag, that contains a white crescent and star. At the fly, two equal horizontal stripes, the upper blue and the lower yellow. This flag combines the crescent and star on a red field of Turkey, with the Andreivian national colours of blue and yellow.

Source of inspiration and imagery: http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/country.html

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