09 May 2008

So much stuff!

Last night I had an email from Ian Shaw (of the Deeside Club and SOTCW) offering to lend yet more modern kit for the game. Frankly I am overwhelmed by all the offers of toys to play with - we now have more offered than we can possibly use!

My plan is to use at least one item from each person. I'm also going to publish a "Cast and Crew" list for the game. I'd like to ask all participants to make sure I have their full name so I can make sure everyone gets due credit.

The main need now is for players! Of course you can turn up on the day (either day) and play but I'd also like to hear from people in advance. Comments here or via the SOTCW Forum or mailing list, the Deeside Defencers list or The Guild are a good way to contact me.


Fire at Will said...

I'm available to play as I still don't have anything else planned.


Pete Jones said...

...and since Will has kindly offered some of his buildings for us to use!

Counterpane said...

That's great Will. I'll email you directly.