18 May 2008

NATO Air Support

I went over to visit my parents in Merseyside this weekend and that meant a chance to pop over to what used to be called "The Model Shop" (now Kit Stop Models) in Birkenhead.  I used to go in there as a kid when I remember it as an Alladin's cave with Airfix and Tamiya kits all over the place.

Generally, it's a mistake to go back.  The shop is now bright and airy, and fairly well stocked but no longer has the magic of the old place.  Or am I just getting old?  Still, had a nice chat with the owners and have promised it won't be another 30-odd years before I go back again.

I had in mind to pick up maybe an A10 Thunderbolt to provide the NATO forces with air strike capability.  As it happens I decided to pay half the price and get a Jaguar GR1A from Revell.  I'm going to start building it tonight.  Photos when I get it finished.


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Pete Jones said...

I bought an Apache attack helicopter from Hobbycraft the other day as support for the Americans.