10 April 2018

Memorial to Andreivian Police 1918

For those players who took part in Crisis Point 2018 you may remember on Sunday the massacre of Tom's Andreivian Police at the hands of Mark J's Cossacks. At the time it was commented that I should make a war memorial to mark the occasion and to remember the brave policemen who defended Andreivia's capital against the invading hordes. So as soon as I returned on Sunday night I set to work. It's now finished and will be added to the Tcherbevan layout for subsequent games set it in 1992.


commissarmoody said...

Cool idea!

Andy Canham said...

Great idea. Good to see the overall improvement of the rockyness of the original .... rock! Didn't we discuss the OCD nature of wargamers painting rocks to look more like rocks during the game?

I was thinking about next years event and wondered whether we could continue the Andrevian theme and combine it with WW2 to cover Axis liberation/Soviet annexation of that much troubled country.

Cheers, Andy

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Thanks Andy C, yes we did discuss that :-)