07 March 2017

Trenches part 3

OK, the trenches are at a point where they'll do.  They were never going to be anything other than gaming pieces; high quality trench modelling would require cutting to a base board.

I'd like to add at least another T-junction piece and probably another mortar position.  I'd also like to get some Milliput and add some sandbags to the roof of the dugout.

I might also add a bit of static grass around the edges to give it that long-established look.


Andy Canham said...

Looks the part. As free standing pieces they will do the job fine. It's not as if you could take a router to the village hall tables to recess them in.

Cheers, Andy

Tales from Shed HQ said...

They look great the tables will look fantastic this year. What colour paint did you use I'll try and do mine the same if possible.
Cheers, Richard P

Counterpane said...


The ground-cover paints are a mix of various craft acrylics from my local Hobbycraft.

The only modelling paint I used is Miniature Paints Dark Earth for the trench floors and walls. It's a slightly greyish grown that I thought would do as either earth or duckboards. GW's old Graveyard Earth is comparable.

Counterpane said...

Thanks Andy. Yes the router route might not be a good one to take.

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Thanks Richard