27 February 2017

WoosterForce Supply Train

These mules will be carrying the vital supplies that keep WoosterForce going during its long march from Mesopotamia to Tcherbevan.


Andy Canham said...

Cool looking mule trains. Are they Tumbling Dice?

Cheers, Andy

tsold3000 said...

Nice! Lots of uses.

Counterpane said...

Thanks guys. The figures are Friend or Foe miniatures. They are the figure manufacturing arm of Shellhole Scenics. I got a complete set of the range to review from The (SOTCW) Journal.

I've never used them previously, mainly because although the muleteers all have Sikh turbans, the infantry figures use a variety of different headgear. Indian Army units in WW2 were recruited on a tribal basis so you just wouldn't see a Sikh Bren gunner next to a rifleman in a tin helmet and a mortar crewman in a Rajput turban.