24 November 2014

Matrix Game, Turn 1, Argument 2

And now we have Argument number 2 from Ian Shaw representing the Andreivian Government!

The Andreivian Government has called upon the Security Council of the United Nations to deploy Blue Beret peacekeepers into Andreivia and to impose a no-fly zone over the country.  This may have multiple results:

1. NATO or the Russians veto the request to avoid having UN troops further complicate the situation 
2. The UN Peacekeepers arrive and de facto cement the Government in place as things stand.
3. Either way the legitimacy of the Government is reinforced in the eyes of non-aligned nations.

They can do this because they are the legitimate Government and have a popular mandate and because they are opposing a terrorist campaign.

This is a rather unconventional Argument but I think it is reasonably strong because Ian isn't actually seeking to determine what the result of the vote may be (though the NATO and/or Russian players may feel the need to use up an Argument to determine the result of the vote; or they may just ignore it).  As such I determine the Argument to be Very Strong (fails only on a six).  

I will now roll a d6....  It's a six!  Sorry Ian. :-(  

We can only assume there was some kind of dirty dealing in a back-room at the United Nations and for some reason the Andreivian Delegation was unable to call for the vote.

We now move on to Tom Zunder who has stepped in to act as the Russians for this phase of Andreivia's history.

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