29 March 2014

Just a Couple of Weeks to Go

I think I'm getting on top of preparation for Crisis Point III - Battle for Tcherbevan.

The TV building is finished and yesterday I acquired the makings of some air support for the Andreivian Armenians (having decided I wouldn't get the Mi-24 Hind finished in time).  Pictures to follow.

I now have:

  • 12'x6' of terrain cloths - more expected from other players.
  • The river sections with big road bridge
  • Most of the buildings for the city centre and outlying villages
  • All the buildings for the airport
  • Two Russian forces, one each for Jamie and Russ
  • Some Andreivian Armenians for Rob 
  • Some Government troops for George
  • A Mujahideen force for Gordon
  • Some spare NATO troops
  • One aircraft for each faction
  • Briefings for each faction (many of them with cunning, last-minute addenda)
  • Some special civilian figures to add complexity

I still need to:

  • Finish the coastal/river freighter
  • Build some more Middle Eastern houses for the Turkish Quarter
  • Make sure everyone gets a QR sheet
  • Organise my NATO troops into one or two players'-worth of units
  • Repaint my new aircraft in Armenian colours 

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