26 February 2014

Tcherbevan Progress

Managed to get a bit of time in the Shed this week so started to put the layout together for Tcherbevan.

The Central Square in Tcherbevan surrounded by the Grand Hotel (Top Left), Ministry of Culture (Top Right) and the WIP building in the bottom right is the beginnings of the Central Station.

The Central Square from another angle. The card model on the right is from Lidl. Its a model of the Brandenburg Gate. Its a bit small to allow vehicles through so I am using it in a pedestrian area.

Andreivian Type 61 tanks rumble through Central Square past the Grand Hotel.

The Embankment made from vinyl floor strips. The MDF area to the right will be the river. Richard C providing his 2 x 21" wide river boards. The area at the bottom of the picture will have a railway bridge and railway. 

Tcherbevan in all its WIP Glory!

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