09 June 2013

Andreivian Forces Made Easy

Setting up Andreivian forces for AoF can be dead easy.

Suppose your 20mm collection totals a dozen WW2 Soviet infantry, a T34/85 and a Landrover.  Sounds to me like you have the makings of a nice little Andreivian militia force.

An Andreivian force yesterday
There's precedent from the Tuzkhur Valley game for the Andreivian paramilitary force, the Gendarmerie, being in WW2 Soviet uniforms.  We also know that some Gendarmerie units ended up defecting on masse to particular factions.  The T-34 is an obvious AFV for a second-line force like the Gendarmerie and the Landrover can be justified by the Andreivians' history of flexibility in military procurement.

Do we have a couple of figures that look like leaders?  A guy with a pistol or SMG would be good, especially if he's waving or pointing.  Assuming we do then we're pretty much there.  We end up with some thing like this:

Gendarmerie squad (Tac 7)
Squad Leader SMG 6(L)
Gunner Clip-fed LMG 7
Loader Bolt-action rifle 7
6x Gendarmes Bolt-action rifles 7

Speed-painted Soviets masquerading as Andreivian Gendarmerie
Recce team (Tac 6)
Team leader SMG 6(L)
3x Scouts Bolt-action rifles 7

The Recce Team - Landrover straight from the toy box

T-34/85 (Tac 7)
 with four crew (Morale 6)

A barely-painted T-34/85
Seven seems a reasonable Tac score for these guys as they aren't front line soldiers.  The recon guys are slightly better (recon types always think of themselves as elite).  Again 6 or 7 seems about right for morale too.  I've given the leaders better morale because I see these troops as reliant on a few experienced men to keep them performing at their best.

All of these need to be tidied up a bit but I think they illustrate how easy it can be to put a useable force together.  If I were to spend some more and time and effort on these guys I might see if I could find an HMG or perhaps an RCL to give the recce team some more firepower. 

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Tsold9000 said...

There is no stopping the imagination in wargaming toy soldiers!! good stuff.