27 April 2013

Embassy or Hotel

Hi All,

Many thanks to Richard C for the invitation to join this blog.

I have been into the deepest darkest depths of the shed and found some 20mm buildings I had started work on a couple of years ago but never got round to finishing for various reasons. With the 2014 Crisis Point game being a 20mm game I thought that they may be useful if I finish them off. I was thinking maybe an Embassy, Hotel, Government Building or Television/Radio station. Any suggestions greatly appreciated. All pictured with one of the VAB's I picked up from Ian S at Crisis Point 2.


Counterpane said...

Oh, wow, that's definitely got to appear in downtown Tcherbevan!

I say keep it as the Grand Hotel - we need somewhere for all those foreign correspondents to operate from.

Tales from Shed HQ said...

Will do, need to get some limousines for the car park. Any ideas for the other one?

Counterpane said...

Oh, I hadn't realised it was two buildings; I'd thought to second was just the first with its roof removed and seen from the other side. D'oh!

Could be the Andreivian Ministry of Culture?