07 July 2008

First Reactions!

Well I think that went rather splendidly.  I think the first measure of success has to be that after last year's game we had two SOTCW members keen to "do something next year at Gauntlet". Now we have four or five!
The first shot below shows the table from the south-western end - in the distance are the shores of Lake Khikide and the town of Tuzkhur.  The village in the foreground would prove a tough nut for the Americans to crack.

Here are the initial bunch of reprobates - from left to right: Will McNally (Andreivian Turk blocking force commander), Pete Jones (Andreivian Armenian commander), Rob Connolly (Andreivian Turk regional commander) and Richard Baber (NATO commander).
A NATO Jaguar on a recon flight over the valley.

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