05 June 2008

Government Air Support

As a semi-detached member of the eastern bloc, Andreivia often pursued an independent line in arms procurement.  Contacts with Argentina led to the purchase of some aged A4 Skyhawks for use by ground attack squadrons of the Andreivian Air Force.  By the early 1990s a single squadron was still flying.

The model is a cheapo kit I picked up for 99p from my local Wilkinson's Hardware a few years ago.  Only now has it been lined in and acquired Andreivian markings. 

I originally tried putting Israeli roundels on the wings and painting over them but I couldn't get adequate coverage to hide the stars.  I ended up scraping off the decals and using the faint marks they left as a guide to paint in the yellow circles by hand.  The serial number is from an old kit decal.

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