30 April 2008

Downtown Tuzkhur Real Estate

At Triples back in March I bought a couple of Shellhole Scenics Buildings. This is the first of them painted up.

I've been inspired by Rob Rowell's excellent work on the Esci Italian Country House kit as showcased on The Guild. Rob uses a combination of pale base colours, washes and dry-brushing. I can't compete with his quality but I'm reasonably happy with this.


Pete Jones said...

I have lots of damaged and ruined buildings already which I use for my Sci fi skirmish games.

Don't know how well off you are for buildings for Tuzkhur Real Estate

Pete Jones said...

P.S. Just bought myself a brand new Digital SLR camera so will take some photos of the buildings I have to show you....and will take photos of the latest troops and vehicles I have painted up.