29 March 2008

Now for some progress

Work has been all-consuming for the past few weeks but now I have a week off!  

Pete Jones has reported back with some idea of the forces he can contribute and I think we're about there with figures and vehicles.  So now I'm going to concentrate on buildings!

I picked up a couple of Shellhole Scenics ruined city buildings at the recent Triples show in Sheffield.  I'm now putting together the first parts of down town Tuzkhur.  

I have half a dozen old melamine and cork place mats (the kind you put your plate on when eating your dinner).  They are rectangular and have curved corners and will make perfectly acceptable bases for city blocks.  The mat forms the pavement and a grey or sand coloured sheet underneath can be the roads.  Again, pics when I make some progress.


Pete Jones said...

How many squads are we looking at per player?

Richard B said...

I`ll post some photos tomorrow of some Arab buildings I painted yesterday [6]. If you think they are of any use I`ll try and hump them fromSwansea to broughton for the game :-)

Counterpane said...

Very roughly each of the main players will be running a platoon or so. For example, the US spearhead has two Bradley squads and an Abrams.

However, I envisage sectors being left passive until other players come along and play them or until frontline forces are sufficiently weakened.

For example, the US spearhead is followed up by a platoon of M113s to extract the civilians. The M113s are escorted by Richard B's Spaniards. This second echelon can just pootle along the road until need or available players leads to them doing something interesting.

Similar arrangements will apply to the other sides.

In addition there will be "wandering monsters" - briefly appearing units typically in squad strength - that can be played for a short period while they complete their missions.

Pete Jones said...

I have loads of palm trees that I can provide. They were a purchase I made several years ago for my Nam games and are in fact Cake decorations.

They just require basing up. When I get some pictures I will let Rich know