23 February 2009

Battle for Hill 154

So, we did manage to put on a game at Hammerhead and it went pretty well though I say so myself.

The game saw various Andreivian factions squabbling over a Turkish military radar station on Hill 154. The Dagras Hills (south east of Lake Khikide) are a disputed area currently occupied by Turkey but long claimed by Andreivia.

My desert terrain saw service as the Dagras Hills (actually it’s now Rob’s desert terrain as he’s bought it off me) and I built a new radar station with two golf-ball radomes. Cobbled together from hardboard, polystyrene packaging material, tile grout, an old Airfix coastal defence fort and, yes, two golf balls, it looked the part and provided a nice centrepiece to the game.

The action kicked off with Rob’s Andreivian Government force (HQ unit in BMP-2, Gendarmerie infantry squad and a Type 61 medium tank) advancing rapidly on the radar station. Very rapidly as it happened as they picked up a random event that boosted their speed for one turn. The Type 61 was soon parked close to the blank side wall of the station. From here it repeatedly failed to do any significant damage!

The Turks in the radar station displayed considerable indecision. Stuart Adams had them running around like headless chickens while they tried to decide which of their two sub units was best placed to drive off the attackers.

Meanwhile, Phil Gray’s Andreivian-Armenians were approaching from the other side of the station. They soon got into a fire-fight with the Andreivian Government forces. Eventually their BTR-70 was knocked out by point blank cannon fire from the government BMP-2.
Elements of the local Andreivian-Turk militia were also present. Under Steven Carr’s command , they advanced patiently through the rough hills and took up a good firing position some 200 metres from the radar station. They achieved this despite being bombed by an Andreivian Air Force Skyhawk piloted by “Tardis”.

More later on this along with photos and the full low-down on Rob’s suitably ethnic cakes.

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